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Professional Image Enhancement

Your true brand is what others say about your organisation after they met your people.

Training Overview
Your people are the brand of your organisation. One of the most critical competencies at workplace nowadays is professional image and business etiquette. Your staff’s ability to project confidence through appearance, behaviour and communication will directly affect other’s perception towards overall reputation of your company.

Training Objectives
  • Recognise the principle of professional image and etiquette in business situations.
  • Develop presentable image by coordinating correct styles, cutting, patterns, colours, fabrics and accessories.
  • Communicate and behave appropriately with people within the same organisation and outsiders.
  • Pair modern etiquette with executive savviness to advance in career and business.
  • Feel comfortable and self-assured in business or social dining situations.
Training Topics
  • Professional image branding principle.
  • Colours, cut, design, pattern and fabric and how it influences level of professionalism.
  • Rule of professional accessorising for men and women.
  • Professional etiquette in front of decision makers, stake holders, business partners, colleagues, bosses, clients.
  • Conversational skills – what to say and not to say in professional setting.
  • Corporate courtesy in 21st century.
  • Executive dining skills – handling business over meals.
Training Format
  • Available in one-day, two-day or three-day training programme.
  • Recommended class size up to 30 people.
Target Audience
  • Early career professionals.
  • Management trainees.
  • Team leaders, supervisors and associates.
  • Individual contributors who want to enhance professional image and align it with organisation’s brand.