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How We Can Work Together?

Our partnership in organising our next image training and learning program begins here!

We believe every business is unique. Hence, we work closely with you to customize our approach and method according to the character of your business and your people. Every training project assigned to us consist of following steps:

 Step 1: Initial Enquiry
When you contact us via e-mail, telephone or using the enquiry form provided in this website, our training executive will respond and initial discussion will take place, usually through phone call. We will consult with you to ensure we understand your required outcomes and approach.

 Step 2: Field Work/Brief Meeting
Before designing your training program, it is important for us to do our homework and research your company’s situation thoroughly. It may be necessary to also arrange face-to-face meeting to establish the training objectives, how to measure its success, and its value to your company.

 Step 3: Detailed Proposal
We provide you with a detailed proposal including course content and trainer’s profile. We put forward what we believe need to be done, how we are going to do it, costs and suggestions for ensuring effectiveness.

 Step 4: Training Delivery
Based on details we have agreed upon, the program is conducted by our subject matter expert. To enhance training and learning experience, we ensure our expert incorporates interactive and dynamic approaches where knowledge, skills and attitude are presence.

 Step 5: Post Training Review
Post training report will be produced which contain several sections, concentrating on different observations of the training delivery. Upon request, coaching or mentoring session can be developed for individual or group which require further guidance.